For The Sake Of

One of the advantages of being quite a deep person is that counselling others is almost quite natural for me. It can be a little awkward at first, and I don’t like to offer my thoughts until I know for sure that the other person needs help… but I always seem to be able to find the right words to say. I noted this last time my alleged talents were called into question, so I should stop patting myself on the back. Instead, I should explain that back then, the Housemate in Question is now the only person I’m living with. And now that the Housemate in Question has suffered a relapse, there was only me to help, unlike last time.

Last night I stayed up till about 1am, listening to the woes of my friend. He’s had a really tough time, particularly with a girlfriend who has never gotten over, who persists in trying to contact him, even though she has been told to stay away, because her actions are making him utterly unstable. Unfortunately, this particularly twisted individual managed to get in touch with my housemate over the past week, and it has sent him in a spiral of decline which has put him right back to where we were last time. Well, not quite so bad, but the end result was not far off. Thankfully, the staying up and talking things through seems to have done the trick – for now. He is like a timebomb, waiting to go off. To be honest, I had been half expecting it, and it amazed me how he had survived until now without something going wrong. But it didn’t make it any more bearable.

But I got through it. I offered as much support and encouragement as I could, with some wise words mixed with my frank comments about what needs to be done. It’s hard to know just how much of it hit the target, but given that things don’t seem so bad today, I think we may be able to cast this one off as just being a small blip on the long road to recovery. I hope so anyway.

Meanwhile, talking of roads to recovery, my MP is currently attempting to do the same. It’s been an exciting Christmas and New Year for him, and still it continues. He’s very much his own man, and all we can do, and what we’re paid (though some of us aren’t) to do is to support his choices. We can advise, but we can’t resist for long. There is going to come a point in future where things will have to change. Much of our real jobs is on hold at the moment as we focus on a new objective, but that’s a little dissatisfying, particularly as our real jobs require constant work to keep people happy, and stop the dreaded phone calls from people insisting that their whims are catered to.

And so, because my real job is in stagnation at the moment, I have decided to take tomorrow off. I would only sit there all day feeling my eyes getting worse by the hour, and checking BBC News endlessly in the hope that, one day, Tony Blair will just… go away. It’s not a productive use of time, so instead I’m going to have Friday off, and wait for the washing machine fixer to arrive. Then, at last, I’ll be able to do some bloody washing. If it isn’t fixed tomorrow, there will be a crisis by Sunday.

Which needs to be avoided for everyone’s sake.

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