The Road Not Taken

It really is good to be back home, although the fact that I have been back here a week disturbs me as it is simply ludicrous how quickly this week seems to have gone by. I have not exactly done much this past week… the idea of coming home for Christmas is generally to vegetate while spending excessive amounts of money on presents. I generally keep my present spends quite low, especially as I just paid my next instalment of rent (£412 – bye bye!) when I’m not even in the house that I’m paying for. This was not much of a problem living in Hull, as there I was only paying £36/week… so it didn’t annoy me so much to be spending money on something I’m not living in. But now. Urgh.

So it’s even more important that Mr Taxman gets it right this time. I have had a long running saga with the tax people over how much of a tax refund they owe me for 2005/06. I know they owe me money, but I’m finding it difficult to prove it. So I have been forced to resort to sending them almost all my documentation of income for the year. If this doesn’t do it, then nothing will. So, yet another weighty letter has been sent off, and now I shall wait two months or more for the reply. Still, the amount of money we’re talking about could pay off that rent bill for one month and a little more, which would be a very welcome boost, especially as there will be credit card bills to pay once Christmas is over.

Something I’ve talked about before is the fact that I like being at home because it gives me a sense of responsibility and of having more purpose. Like last night: my mum and dad went out for the night, so I was left with my two brothers and sister. Even though they’re 17, 13 and 12, they still need feeding and generally looking after. So I utilised my culinary talents and stuck pizza and chips in the oven, combined with a little salad for those who actually eat it. Then there was the fact that I have to encourage them to look after their pets, and then we played a board game… which, even though it ended in some controversy after my sister was bankrupted, it still taught the usual lessons in life. It just gives me something to do… and someone to, sort of, be a role model to, although I hope they end up with better cooking skills than me.

So that’s been my last week. Apart from the fact that I got an e-mail from a friend from summer 2005 in the USA, which has brought back lots of good memories. Which is great at this time of year. With reflection, the rose tinted specs are making my summer in America feel better than it actually was. It was outstanding, but my memory is forgetting all the negative parts and making it even better than it was. I can’t lose perspective, otherwise I will force myself to go back without thinking through the consequences of such a decision.

Overall though, it just continues to feed my passion to do something really worthwhile with my life. Which in turn makes me a little worried that I’m getting a little over-enthusiastic with the concept of being a teacher. Although it does encompass much of the above, it also involves me teaching boring lessons of English comprehension. Urgh. Maths I can deal with, and science, geography, history, music… the list goes on. But teaching a child the utter, interminable dross that is explaining where to put commas in sentences?

Snore. I shall have to use my miniscule creative talent to make that more interesting when the time comes. If the times comes. This path has no certainties.

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