A Case of Whine

“Grab your things, I’ve come to take you home”

It’s quite a co-incidence that the song that’s just started up on my computer is Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, given that that is exactly what I’m thinking about at the moment. Another week has gone by – a week in which everything has ground to a halt in work, meaning actual things to do have been few and far between. Good job I have a few good friends in my office, which means the banter is a lot of fun at times. It passes the time.

But now there’s just a week to go. I’m going home next Friday evening, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m just a bit bored with here now. There’s nothing to do, and I’m now able to use the excuse that I’m going home next week, so I shouldn’t bother trying to set anything up. Many weeks ago I’d said to my friends back in Hull that I would come up and visit them this weekend, but all the planning fell apart at the last minute. Some of them have decided to go home this weekend, so there would have been little point in me going up there.

Of course, there are things I could do… such as go and buy some clothes. I desperately need a load of cheap t-shirts, as I’ve finally decided that I really shouldn’t waste my good ones as undershirts when I’ve got a jumper on, or just to go under my shirt for work. So I keep saying (to myself) that I would like to go to Peacocks or Matalan – good and cheap as hell. These shops are about 15-20 minutes walk away… so a small amount of effort is required. But I absolutely detest going shopping by myself. I find it a little intimidating. If I have someone else with me, it’s someone I can talk to about things utterly un-shopping related. It is very important to let the shop assistants know that you would not like to be disturbed, and that you are not taking any pleasure in this experience at all. Plus, if I’m on my own, I tend to rush myself, as I feel slightly embarrassed about digging deep into a rack of clothes to find the right one.

Anyway, life is pretty good at the moment… even though I am ruining my good t-shirts. In fact, right at this present moment, the only negative point is the fact that I don’t have an advent calendar this year, which could quite possibly be the first time I haven’t had one for 18 years or so. Shocking. I used to look forward to a chocolatey treat every morning. Now I can’t. I forgot to buy one, and it seems daft to buy one now this late.

But some people don’t expect such luxuries anyway – such as the homeless. And on that theme, I bought a Big Issue magazine yesterday… It amazes me how much the issue of homelessness is ignored in London. I gave him about £2.50 (cover price is £1.50), as I just chucked all the money from my pocket to him. There was me, a poor intern, getting bollocks all for all the work I do, giving as much as I could. And others really don’t give a shit. The evidence from that was from a survey the other day, which said that 41% of people believed many homeless people don’t want to be housed. I despair for this country sometimes.

Moan, moan, moan. I really have to be more positive; have more of a “what can I do to solve the problem?” kind of attitude.

Now that sounds like a failed New Year’s Resolution could be on the cards here.

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