No Smoke Without Friends

The biggest thing bugging me at the moment, apart from the KGB, is that until recently I used to walk to the train station to go to work with my friend in the morning. When we first started, I had no intention of getting in for before 9am, thinking 9:30am onwards would be a better bet to avoid the shocking levels of overcrowding on public transport in London. And so I did.

Meanwhile, my friend got an earlier train, because he said he didn’t want to get in after 9am; he just couldn’t possibly by any later. So we went our separate ways.

Until one morning when I just had to get in early, when I decided to go in with him on his train. It was overcrowded to hell, but not as badly as I thought it would be. As a result, I decided to get this train all the time. Plus, it also meant I had some company in the morning and it was a little more sociable, though my friend isn’t the best conversationalist. This arrangement worked well.

But it was never destined to last. My friend, who was often never seen before midday during the last two years, suddenly decided – without giving me the courtesy of letting me know – that he would stay in bed longer and longer. Firstly he decided to get the train after me, fifteen minutes later. Then it moved to a whole hour later. Now I don’t see him in the mornings. Yet, this shouldn’t surprise me… he has the daftest sleeping patterns I’ve ever known; he’s his own worst enemy. He’ll stay up till 1:30am despite needing to get up at 7, and then to correct the imbalance he’ll stay in bed till 1pm when the weekend comes. And then he complains about not being able to sleep!

What annoys me the most is that I came back to an earlier train to accomodate him. Getting up earlier is not a problem for me. But in the end he just decides to throw in the towel, without letting me know, and leaves me on my own again. Only this time earlier, and when he used to tell me that he just couldn’t get in later than 9am.

And now the daft bugger has fallen ill – which happens to him on a regular basis. So now I’ve been abandoned again. And this is the friend who had so much trouble last year which I supported him through. Sometimes I feel a little taken for granted.

But on the plus side, at least I don’t have to suffer his smoking in the morning now. The smoking which is progressively getting worse and worse and is highly probably causing his recent increase in illnesses. Ah well…

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