Born of Frustration

Not only is the title of the post the title of a fantastic song by James, it is also quite apt for what’s been going on lately. It’s been a week of frustration so far. I’m beginning to reach my limits of tolerance for my MP’s utter uselessness. It has had many in my office wondering just what, exactly, the purpose of his existence is, because it sure as hell isn’t to benefit his constituents. There is a mountain of stuff for him to do, but he is continually changing his mind, or often procrastinating so long that no decision is ever made, and then I have to deal with the endless phone calls from people moaning that they need a decision quickly.

Yesterday, however, was largely amusing. My MP had long ago agreed to deliver the keynote address to a conference. However, we soon discovered that this very date is the same day as the yesterday’s endlessly amusing Queen’s Speech. This event provides much hilarity for all as everyone goes through the centuries old tradition of opening Parliament for a new session. Only, it’s so arcane, so ludicrous, such a waste of everyone’s time and money… yet no one would ever dream of scrapping it simply because it would create such hysteria amongst traditionalists. It takes all sorts.

Anyway… because my MP couldn’t deliver the speech in person, he decided he would give it via videoconference. Which is something completely new to me. I had no idea how it would work out, but I set it up, putting the technicians on either end in touch with each other, getting the room ready, and then getting everything in place once we were there.

The only problem was that the camera on our end was a little wobbly. It couldn’t hold itself in the position we wanted it to be in. This caused much amusement as we spent a long time trying to get everything right, and then the camera would simply drop, while everyone else was watching at the other end. Luckily the speech hadn’t started, but we were on their video screen as everyone filed into the conference hall.

The only solution was to hold the camera in place. This arm cramp inducing exercise had to be carried out in shifts by me and my co-worker, with us trying to stifle our laughter at this ridiculous situation, while our MP was trying to remain serious and straight-faced as he discussed “The Dignity of Difference”.

Luckily, apart from a few odd shifts in camera as we changed from person to person, it went OK. It’s hard to speak by videoconference though as it’s very difficult to gauge just how well you’re being received on the other end. My MP just rattled through the speech, delivering it as entertainingly as he could to make up for the lack of physical presence, and it seemed to work out OK given the feedback we got from them. A strange day, but the frequency of them is beginning to make even strange things feel a little normal.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to setup some sort of excuse for me to visit my friends in Hull. I talked to one of them on the phone last night for the first time since I last saw him back in May. That was really good to catch up on how things are going back up there. I should probably call more often than once every few months – these are my friends after all, and I’ll only end up falling into the cycle of silence that I described about lapsing friendships a few posts back. But it would be really great to do something in Hull one weekend. Things tend to be very boring around here at weekends, so any excuse to change that would be very welcome…

Oh well. Another day begins. But, yet another week is nearly over…

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