It’s Gonna Be Another Squeaker

It seems that each year doesn’t go by without me being called into action to stay up late watching an election result of some kind trickle in. This time, I think I have my sleep strategy nailed just right, which is an incredible feat given that I am going to leave for work in less than three hours.

This time the US elections are what is entertaining me. The other thing that is keeping me amused is the endless flow of useless promises that come from my housemate. They aren’t damaging to our friendship, as they are trivial, but it never ceases to amaze me how he promises to do a certain thing (e.g. go shopping) early in the morning and then suddenly finds that he’s unable to bring himself to do it. Why this comes as a surprise to him I don’t know, as he is the world’s worst early bird.

Yesterday, as I came in from work (which only seems like a few hours ago when in fact it was 12), he asked me what my plans were for tonight. He was also intending to stay up and watch the US election. I told him I wasn’t sure yet, and then let off some tirade about my work that day, telling him I didn’t really care at the moment. He thought I was talking about the election, and so proceeded to tell me that he hopes that I do stay up all night because he was planning to and he didn’t want to stay awake by himself as it would be boring.

In the end I managed to force myself to sleep at about 8pm, so I didn’t get a chance to check what his final strategy was. In the event, I haven’t seen him, and he’s missed almost all the key parts of the election. Indeed, he also doesn’t seem to care that I have had to stay up all by myself, even though he was almost moaning to me about the fact that he may have had to stay awake on his own if I’d pulled out.

Just another silly promise, I know. He can’t hack anything that involves staying up too late or getting up too early, yet he persistently pledges he’ll make it through somehow.

Never mind. I’ve enjoyed the night. And there is now a long day ahead of me. But tonight has been a further step in achieving my Gold Star to add to my political anorak. And the fun looks like it’s only just begun. Recounts galore on the way. Brilliant.

Meanwhile, amidst all the excitement, I discovered that I’m completely out of clothes for tomorrow. I had meant to wash everything as soon as I got home from work. I didn’t. Now they are in the wash, and somehow I need to get some socks and underwear dry in two hours. It’s going to be a close finish.

Just like the Senate elections! Hey, there is a weird concurrence to life that just runs through everything. On a massive scale, and on a tiny scale, everything seems to co-ordinate in the end…

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