Build It Up

So, here endeth another week. It’s now been five weeks since I made my move to London, and to be honest I can’t believe how quickly they’ve gone. In all that time I’ve done a lot of faffing around in work, and very little at home, yet spent an enormous amount of money.

Plus, I have also been annoyed tremendously by the fact that the bloody great building site behind my house works on a Saturday. No chance of getting even an extra hour’s sleep on a Saturday, because the noise is too distracting. Then there’s the other bonus, that they have an enormous amount of lights on there which are not switched off at night. This makes my room far brighter than any other room I’ve ever slept in, and there are certain spots on my bed that are right in the line of fire, so I have become very particular about the way I sleep, something which I am not happy about.

Of course, because I’m in work all day I don’t hear most of the noise, thankfully. I sat around here for a couple of weekdays before I first started work and the noise drove me to looking forward to working to get away from it. But there’s no escape on Saturdays. I have the window open right now, and they might as well be under my nose for all the drilling, knocking and banging that goes on.

Then there’s the gigantic cranes. These bastards, if left in the wrong position overnight (as they are 75% of the time), completely ruin the TV signal. As soon as one of them starts to turn, the digital signal drops out enormously and often just disappears. One of them often leans right over the house, and in fact it is at the moment.

I’ve never suffered anything like this before. I guess it’s just one of those things in life. But what makes it worse is that, as usual, it’s ‘one of those things’ that, somehow, you don’t discover when you view a house. I viewed this house late afternoon on a Saturday, and they go home slightly earlier on Saturday. So I was totally unaware of the noise there would be. And they still have many months of construction to go.

And yet, this is London. No sooner this building will be completed, another one will start construction not too far away. Why so many people want to live in this city is something that I will never understand…

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