Continuing Delays

This terrible period of not having proper contact with the outside world continues. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to come into vision. I finally have a phone line at my house now, three weeks after moving in. There was yet another disaster involving it, as the engineer decided to go to completely the wrong house, where he proceeded to give them a brand new phone line.

When I think about this, I just find it increasingly bizarre how many things have gone wrong. Every single item to do with the house has had some problem with it. Is it too much to ask that I make one phone call to give my details and make a request for what I want and then everything else falls into place on the dates and times they specify? How can everything have gone wrong? Phone, internet, gas, electricity, TV licence, buying the wrong TV aerial cable, water bills, delivery of goods for the house… it just goes on. The list is now so long that I doubt I will ever be bothered to properly describe everything that went wrong.

Meanwhile, my MP is now back from his holidays. This has livened the place up around here. I’ve been on a couple of trips with him to speeches and lunches so far, and it has been good fun, if a little surreal travelling with my MP to these events by Tube. I’m still getting used to it. It just amazes me how he can produce a speech from the top of his head in seconds by ad libbing the whole thing around the briefest framework. I guess you just get used to this kind of thing in the end if you do it on a daily basis.

There’s never a dull moment… which is nice as I was beginning to tire of sitting at a desk all day answering phones and lying to people about his availability. If I get out, someone else can do it. This is good.

No major disasters of my making just yet. But I’m sure there must be one just around the corner. Surely I can’t contain all my bad luck to home and not bring any of it into the office?

In other news, my football fantasy league team was the 43rd best out of nearly 1,000,000 entrants this week. Get in.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of amenities in London. If there is a roundabout and inept way to do things, that is how it should be.


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