I’m guessing that NTHell are not so called for no reason. Well, I found out for myself exactly why they are known as that this weekend, when, for no apparent reason, the engineer just decided he didn’t want to turn up. At all. We got a nice call from someone at customer service asking us if the engineer had been on Saturday, which was always a bad sign. It’s highly likely that the engineer just decided to go home early… after all, there was an England game to watch…

So, the anger levels were and are very high. I’d actually been counting down the days to when I can get back on the internet at home. There’s an enormous backlog of things I need to do now, and I just miss generally having something else to do around the house. Plus I can’t read the news, the blogs I like to read, check the weather, download music, and so on. I just hate not having some connection to the outside world.

The ludicrous thing is that I will finally (hopefully) get a BT phone line on Friday. We were only going to get NTHell because they were going to install earlier. Now we probably won’t bother. Their loss. It’s nice to live in an area with competition, although I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s benefited me as a consumer. Back in Hull, there is only one phone company – Kingston Communications – and they have an outright monopoly. Yet they connected our phone in a day, and the internet appeared a couple of days later. Wonderful customer service.

Sometimes the free market isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The evidence of this is almost endless, and I had been compiling a list of failures/farces that I have suffered ever since I moved house. I was planning on imparting this exciting list as my first post back once the internet was up and running. But it has, ironically, been delayed by another farce.

If I was a cynic – which I am – I would almost be led to believe that there is some conspiracy against me…

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