And Now…

It’s nearly over. A monstrously long summer holiday is grinding to a close. This time 18 weeks ago, I was preparing to face my last exam. It’s been a good summer on reflection. Not as good as last year, as I’ve already worked out in a previous post, but running it pretty close because of how I believe it’s helped me work out what I intend to do with my life.

The thing I’m going to miss here quite a lot is the fact that I now have something to look forward to during the week. I’ve made reference to the fact that I’m now quite involved in my brother’s football team… I am the treasurer in fact. But it’s great to get out on a Sunday morning to go and cheer them on. As a bit of a perfectionist too, I seem to derive a rather bizarre enjoyment from having everything organised well. You should see the mass of excel spreadsheets we now have covering attendance, results, team statistics, finances, registration information… not to mention the quite significant website.

But this is all going to go west once I go. My mum and dad haven’t a clue how to keep the website going, so I’m going to maintain it from a distance. This is fine, but it will mean the end of the match reports that I write – which is one of the things the kids seem to enjoy visiting the website for. Youth football is extremely high paced, and if you have never seen a youth football game before, most people don’t believe me when I say scorelines like 6-2 are actually very close games.

So I’m going to miss getting up early on a Sunday to go and cheer my team on. I have always been a football fan, but it’s quite obvious that the honesty is disappearing out of the game at the professional level. At the highest level (where the team I follow is) fans are totally priced out of the game. But there’s something about the spirit of football – and by logical extension any team sport – that is summed by the classic quote of Bill Shankly:

“The socialism I believe in is everyone working for each other, everyone having a share of the rewards. It’s the way I see football, it’s the way I see life.”

And it’s great to see this kind of spirit still exists… which is probably why I enjoy it so much. I think I’ll try to find the local Sunday league when I move to London and see what it’s like there.

But enough of this misty-eyed idealism. Unfortunately, the reality of moving is going to set in shortly. Packing will have to begin. I need to go and buy a couple of suits (or the parts of a suit, since it is cheaper to buy the separate bits if I go to ASDA or Matalan!). I need to buy boring things like soap, washing powder, washing up liquid and the rest. Then I’ll have to make arrangements for electricity bills and so on.

There’s something about the mind numbing tedium of everyday life that always brings me crashing down to earth within seconds. I wonder why…

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