(Some) Friends Reunited

Last night I saw a couple of my friends from Sixth Form college for the first time in nearly two years. One of them had a free house so invited the six people in my former-friendship group to have a small drink. Or five. It said a lot about the fact that we were all now moving on in life that only two of us could make it. A shame, because I find it quite depressing how I’ve lost touch with people who I thought were the best friends I’d ever had.

So it turned into a fest of self-pity. I don’t normally drink – I tend to dislike the usual studenty pub crawls – but if I’m safe in someone’s house with a toilet close by (because beer goes right through me) I can relax and have a few. It’s the only time I actually enjoy drinking, because I’m in good company, with good music. Even then though I don’t go overboard. A few cans and a whisky and coke is just right – I know my limits. But last night I had one or two extra whiskys, just for the hell of it.

I’m fine this morning, apart from the poor four hours sleep. But I spent most of the night and the early hours (until 6am!) playing poker (which I’d never played before but found quite enjoyable) and putting the world to rights, as well as listening to the woes of my peers and chucking a few of my own into the mix. The difference here is that these mates of mine all graduated this year, apart from one of them, who enlightened me last night by saying he’d pissed around so much that he is going to start Uni all over again.

So it was interesting to hear people with degrees not having a sodding clue what to do with themselves. No direction, no motivation, no interest in what this country allegedly has to offer. It was all very depressing, especially when we started talking about how bad politics is in the UK, if not across the world. Things are bad, there’s no hope of change, so why bother? No wonder people are becoming more and more selfish.

I hope I don’t end up like that, but I can feel cynicism spreading. It’s why I’m not interested in a political career. But to see people with degrees not with a prospect of getting a good job any time soon is rather frightening. It’s a very different society we live in now. A degree isn’t the passport to success that it used to be.

But overall, it was a good night, and great to catch up with what they were doing. I probably shouldn’t have stayed up so late though. I’m now struggling to stay awake and the muscle fatigue is rising. I’m going to sleep well tonight.