Sympathy for the Devilog

Right now I’m utterly fed up of the dog whining. It is bored out of its mind because no one has tortured and tormented it for days.

I’m referring, of course, to the fact that my family has been away. My brother and sister can’t help but annoy the dog, and yet the dog loves it. It will end up growling and play-biting them, and will move away from them, yet it will always come back for more. It seems to be a masochistic dog.

So while they have been away, the dog has got little attention from me. I feed it, let it out for a run in the garden and occasionally make silly tormenting jibes to it myself. The dog knows what the names of my brother and sister are, and so when I shout their names, it immediately launches into a new bout of fretting, whimpering and whining.

Yet, this morning it is doing it automatically and apparently for no reason. I haven’t said anything to it, and it is moaning. Weirdly enough, the family are coming back today. Perhaps it is filled with an impending sense of doom and a grim foreboding, that it’s about to get the living daylights tortured out of it imminently.

It’s been a very dull week. I have achieved nothing but rediscover why I try not to play Football Manager on the PC… it gets me angry and wound up as it shafts me for the umpteenth time as my team, Wrexham, can demolish the best opposition in the league at home and yet struggle against woeful teams a league below in a cup game just because I’m playing away from home. There is definitely something wrong, and it is a shame that it’s taken me over 30 hours of my life to realise it. But I can’t help but want to play it… So addictive…

But there was one other thing. I went to give a blood sample earlier this week as I have been identified as a potential match for someone needing a bone marrow transplant. To be honest, I can’t help but feel selfish in that I don’t want it to match as I don’t want to have to suffer the pain of donating… But I would go through with it anyway if it did. That would at least have made my life worthwhile I suppose!

Meanwhile, I still have no idea where I’m going to live next semester, and have had no indication from my friends that we should start looking any time soon. Suddenly I have some sympathy for those feelings of foreboding that the dog is apparently going through…

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