The Tail That Wags The Dog

There’s no time at the moment for me to write what I want to. I have two reflections on parts of my life that I’ve experienced recently that I want to get my thoughts down in writing on, but it’s hard to find the time at the moment, especially as I don’t want my family walking past the monitor and seeing what I’m writing. I rarely get moments like this when there’s no one around.

I’m off from school this week as it’s half-term. So I’ve been occupied with other things, which includes the usual admin stuff for my brother’s football team. They’ve decided to change their name, so it’s involved endless work changing their website and letterheads. Fun.

But not much has happened beyond that. Life is good, and I’ve just realised that I don’t hate my family’s dog as much as I used to, or thought I would. This is a rather odd revelation. I was sure I would hate it. And I did originally, because it wouldn’t stop being a nuisance. But now I have discovered that it is has the most ridiculous quirks I could ever have hoped for, which allow me to torment it endlessly. Yes, it probably is a little cruel, but I can’t work it out. Its tail wags incessantly as I chase it around with an old bugle I found in my gran’s house – the one I used to play all the time and annoy the neighbours until my gran hid it.

Then there are the “birds feet” – small tongs off our old coal fire that we don’t use any more. But when pushed together they make a good chattering sound, and the dogs hates those as well, barking like mad, pulling the strangest expressions and showing its teeth, like Cujo.

This is a house of torments. This family likes nothing more than to annoy each other. It’s probably why most of us have very short tempers. So it doesn’t surprise me that the dog gets its fair share too.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine who I worked with last summer in the USA is over in London for a couple of months and insists I visit. They don’t really know that the distance is not really something I can cover just like that, especially as I don’t have a car. So it’s looking quite unlikely at this stage that I can be there for their birthday, but I will be down there at some point, probably doubling up to look for houses for next year as well. Urgh. Joy.

But overall things are pretty good. I think I’m going to my parent’s caravan in Wales for a few days from tomorrow. It’s always nice to get away for a while. I just wish the weather would improve. It’s sunny, yet it’s cold. It’s almost like a winter’s day. Daft.

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