All Over Bar The Eating

Yesterday morning’s exam was a blessed relief. I’ve never been so excited to do an exam before, which is rather strange. But the outrageous wait I’ve been suffering just for it meant I was just raring to go when the time came. In what were quite possibly the quickest two hours of life, the exam went very well. It amused me endlessly that the person sitting to the right of me during the exam, who was during “The Buddhist Tradition”, spent a whole hour looking at his exam paper and then proceeded to leave without writing a single thing. The daft thing is that you’re allowed to leave after 30 minutes, so I don’t quite understand why he thought he should wait until an hour was up. It looked to me like he was wasting his time at University. Sounds like a familiar story to the one I put up with last year…

Anyway, it is time to celebrate. Exams are now done. The weight is lifted, and I now have a, hopefully, interesting summer to come. I got my mark back for my research project, and was very pleased to have got 70% in it. With weighting for the other piece of work I had to do for it, it comes out as an over 69%… desperately close to being a First without being one. Bugger. Oh well. It will keep the averages high in the case of any other disastrous module result.

Tonight me and all my housemates are going for a meal at a vegetarian restaurant. I’ve been informed that it’s £12 for an all-you-can-eat bonanza. This sounds outrageously expensive, so I suspect I will have to stuff my face to get my money’s worth. It better be good. But I suppose I shouldn’t complain as it’s going to be the last “event” me and my housemates go to before we go our separate ways.

It is now almost confirmed that I am going home on Saturday. I’ll have to start packing soon. And a couple of my housemates have asked me to write “cheat sheets” so they know what to do to run the computer network, organise the utility bills, or even when to put the wheelie bin out. Some people…

So life is now very good indeed. I’m listening to much music, and I intend to return to my postponed Football Manager game later. Not exactly productive uses of time, but I think I deserve it.

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