One Week

That’s all that’s left here, and then I can be gone. I don’t know whether it’s wrong to really want to go, but when you are kept awake for over an hour in one night just because one housemate comes back from a club with their drunk friends from their course, you might begin to understand how bored I am of this place now. It’s not like this is a regular occurrence, but it did happen the night before and the night before that as well. Seems like there’s much drinking going on at the moment to celebrate the end of exams, but I just wonder how many times they need to do so. Particularly as I know this particular housemate will have no money left in a matter of weeks, just like every other time…

It is unusual to open the fridge and find a lot of dead flowers in there. However, that was the sight that greeted me this morning. Some weeks ago someone bought some flowers and put them on the table in the living room – a nice idea, and it brightened up the place for a while. But, of course, good ideas in this house tend to run their course quickly and end up another disaster. So, now they are utterly dead, it seems someone has decided to preserve their decaying state for some time longer by putting them in the fridge. This is a most perplexing move. I wonder how long they’ll stay there.

Meanwhile, while everyone is enjoying themselves, I am still revising. My final exam draws ever closer. I have just two more days of reading to go, but I don’t think my eyes can take much more. I suppose if one good thing has happened, it’s that the weather has taken a thoroughly bad turn for the worse… which makes me feel not so bad to be sitting indoors revising when everyone else is out enjoying the sunshine. The forecast is also bad for Monday when the exam is on, which is also good as it means I won’t be exceptionally jealous of the people walking past the exam room, enjoying their freedom while I slave over a hot exam paper.

One “minor” niggle has also emerged in the past few days that the housemate who had some problems in March, resulting in getting “indefinite” extensions on his essays is now beginning to take the piss. I got my essays in the 20th March. Here we are now, nearly two months later, and he’s only written two of the four he needs to hand in. And he’s showing no signs of doing them. Indeed, he’s been spending most of his time joining the celebrations in nightclubs at the moment, despite the fact that he also has an exam on Monday. I dunno, but if what happened to him had happened to me, I would have had all my essays in after Easter, giving me a four week extension – more than enough time for the four essays. I wouldn’t want to take the piss with the liberties he has been granted by our department. I mean, as far as he knows, the Board of Examiners might reject his plea for an extension (it isn’t officially granted until they meet in two weeks time)… or say that four weeks should have been enough instead of the ten weeks which he is probably going to clock up. If they did that he would be off the course. How do some people live with the sword of Damocles above their head and never worry?

Now, the only question remaining is if I can last through this day without falling asleep. I have been drifting off while revising the past few days, even though I haven’t been tired. But today I am tired… after about six hours of sleep. So this could well be a challenge. One I’m not up for either.

I have now decided. Roll on next Saturday. I couldn’t give a damn for this house and these people in it any more. Selfish? Maybe, but I’ve done a hell of a lot for them this past year, so I think I’m allowed to think of myself for a moment. I think it’s time my life moved on. I don’t like being like this, and I think changing my situation will help enormously.

Youth Review will return tomorrow. I’m sure you can’t wait.

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