Tunnel Vision

After spending nearly two hours yesterday cleaning the bathroom, something which hadn’t been done in over two months, it finally sparkled clean. Not a word of thanks was heard from the housemates… which irritates me a lot. It’s a rather strange cycle. I can say, “the bathroom needs cleaning” and everyone then disagrees that it’s dirty enough to be cleaned, so I can’t begin to imagine what they would expect of a “dirty” bathroom. So when it’s then cleaned, they actually seem incapable of telling the difference… and so there is no chance of my hard work ever being noticed.

Still, at least I can appreciate it. It was much more enjoyable to take a shower this morning knowing that I would actually come out cleaner than I went in. It just wouldn’t hurt to be thanked once in a while for the stuff I do here. I guess that’s what happens when you live with a crowd of unobservant myopics.

Talking of myopics, I have been convinced for the past year that my eyesight is beginning to deteriorate. This is a discouraging sign. There is no actual problem at the moment, but I’m sure that all the reading and writing I have been doing to finish off this year of my course in the past few months has taken its toll. I’m sure I never used to see an extremely faint haze around the edge of letters. It’s not actually affecting my ability to read, but I guess if it gets much worse I will be forced to take action. I’ve always thought I’d look better wearing glasses, but I suspect it’s not something I should be wishing for. My mum’s side of the family have bad eyesight, while my dad’s side have very good eyesight. Seems I’ve been unlucky in the gene lottery.

The most annoying part of life at the moment is the fact that, of course, with it being exam season, the sunshine is out. Consistently. I have never been able to enjoy the start of summer properly because I have always been stuck inside with revision… and the actual exam days are always 25°C with glorious sunshine, making you extremely annoyed at being stuck inside writing, and boring yourself to death, with an essay on whether British strategy could have been any better in the Falklands War. The reason why I have finally returned to revision is that my fake “holiday within the exam period” has, at last, come to a close. I’ve been treating every day since the 28th April as if I had no exams left, or I would never have been able to get through such a long time thinking about my last exam on Monday.

But now I’m here for the revision buildup. I promised myself I would make a start today. My last exam is on the political system of the USA, which I’ve always found interesting anyway and I have a decent grounding in it. I’m hoping for a good exam to finish on a high.

Another year in Hull is fast drawing to a close. I have transferred all the bills to other housemates in anticipation of the move. I will be leaving here, and leaving this evil house, on either the 20th or the 21st. I can’t wait. My CRB check has come through too, so there’s now an excellent chance I’ll be able to start in my local school the following week.

Some time ago I wrote about how this time of year was like going into and out of tunnels endlessly. Good one minute, dark the next, and then back to normal again… seemingly in an endless iteration. Well, it looks to me like I can finally spot the end of the track for this year, and there’s just one more tunnel before it.

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