Other Plans

I’m convinced I had planned to do other things during this two week hiatus between exams. The problem is that right now I can only remember one of them – to do with my potential career choice, and that is largely irrelevant now that I’ve definitely got a couple of months voluntary work in place back at home.

Hmm. It’s highly likely that some time ago I’d planned to be doing my driving test, or at least my theory test during this break. Yes, I’m sure of that now. Seems that has well and truly gone out the window. Mebbe it’s something I’ll do back at home instead, but given that I’ve made such wild promises before, I’m taking that one with a pinch of salt. I just don’t need to drive at the moment, and don’t even want to either… so the motivation has vanished. Still, I know I can drive, and if/when I want to pass my test I should just need a couple of weeks refreshing and I should be able to get it sorted. Famous last words.

I was hoping to go get some food from ASDA today, but given that the housemate who said he’d come with me still hasn’t got out of bed, I strongly suspect this is also going to fall by the wayside. This could be a minor disaster, since my food supply has almost run out, and I refuse to be ripped off by buying from the local “convenience” stores, where the only convenience involved is for the retailers to make money with great ease. That’s why they open normal hours on a bank holiday… I wonder if they hike the prices up as well. Any excuse, I suppose.

So… if the shopping journey is unlikely to materialise, I have a sneaking suspicion that today will disappear just as the past few days have, in a blaze of computer games – normally Football Manager or the old classic Transport Tycoon – and watching snooker. When people talk about their misspent or wasted youth, they often mention things like spending too much time drunk, doing stupid things, hanging around on street corners, and other nefarious activities.

Whereas I spend too little time doing all of the above. Suppose it’s cheaper, like. And I’ll bet they never managed to get Stafford Rangers promoted from the Conference North. Or run a massively successful multi-million pound transport empire with one of the most complex rail systems possible. And I’ll bet they wouldn’t know how important the Lipset-Rokkan model of social cleavages is.

Hang on, that last one is probably pushing it a little. Damn. Seems like University teaches you as much rubbish about things you’re never, ever going to use in life (think: logarithms, hyperbolic trigonometry and the formation of an ox-bow lake) as any other educational institution.

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  1. My Champ Manager game, which was started at the start of my 2nd year at Uni, has a counter of how much time I’ve spent playing it. It is depressingly high. Still, I did finally win the European Cup last month, after 43 solid days of play…


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