Bored or No Bored?

The way I’ve been acting the past few days, a neutral observer might conclude that I didn’t have an exam tomorrow. Revision has not exactly been minimal, but I have the sneaking suspicion that what I have done has been of quite a poor quality…

The main problem is that the second of my three exams is for the module I picked to do. I deliberately picked another module from my own department… so I knew that I wouldn’t have the high lecture/tutorial workload that I got from picking a maths module last year. There is no doubt that there is much less work involved in politics modules compared to maths in my mind… at least in Hull Uni. So my choice was largely to give me more free time.

Suffice to say the free time was probably not spent very effectively. But never mind. Right now the issue is whether this module was really interesting enough. Given the difficulty I’m having in revising – and the boredom it is generating – I am being led to the conclusion that this module was just not interesting enough.

What’s even worse is that the maths module I did last year was not exactly easy, but I managed to get an incredibly 87% mark in it. Sadly, first year marks don’t count to the final degree score. But a quirk of the choosing modules system means that I could have done that maths module this year, and this politics module last year, and then I would have been celebrating getting a glorious 87% that would actually count. That would drag my average up very considerably.

70% is a First. Firsts are damn near impossible on politics degrees, because of the subjective nature of the material being marked. Whereas a maths exam is either right or wrong. I’m aiming for a 2:1, and I’m on course for that. But now I’m in the unfortunate position of worrying about whether the mark I get for this module will be below my average score. It won’t be a problem if it is, assuming the rest of my module results are also 2:1s, as it won’t drag the average down enough.

But obviously I want to avoid any sillyness like that. It would be just nice to scrape a 2:1 in this module. But I just can’t motivate myself to revise. I don’t really care about Carl von Clausewitz and his wonderful theories of war, or whether Argentina had any credible way in which they could have won the Falklands War. While they may be important, they just don’t interest me.

So that’s why I’m in a negative mood, instead of revising. The exam is 9:30am tomorrow, and it can’t come a moment too soon.

Meanwhile, my poor thumbnail, which was on the road to recovery, suffered a rather unusual incident yesterday when I sort of sliced the side of it on a jeans pocket button, pulling the skin away from the nail just slightly. So now I have a new pain from nowhere. It should be fine to write with, but it is definitely stopping me pressing so hard. Maybe that’s a good thing. One of these days a pen will just shatter in my hands while I’m writing. In fact, I’m sure that’s already happened…

In other sad news: I woke up this morning with Busted songs in my head. Now I’ve had to listen to them. This will have to be my guilty secret, shared with to just you – my loyal and ever expanding readership.

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