When I write, I can’t help but press seriously hard onto the paper. It’s the way I’ve always done it. Back in primary school, the end of my pencil was always perfectly flat at a 45 degree angle. I hated a freshly sharpened pencil as the nib would be far too scratchy, so I’d work it down on a separate piece of paper until it was flat enough for me to write. Looking back on my writing, my letters are extremely wide because of this tendency.

It’s the same these days, only now I’ve graduated onto pens. I have an extremely large bump to the bottom left of my middle finger nail where my pen rests. And if you feel the other side of a page on which I’ve written, you’ll notice how it’s almost like reading braille.

But the worst damage is often caused on my thumbnail, and always after an exam. The stress of the exam always seems to make me press even harder, and by the end of it I have an extremely sore thumbnail. Fingernails are just such a wonderful and helpful thing for humans… and most animals in fact… to have evolved.

So this morning I have a small pain in my right thumbnail. Yesterday’s exam went very well. I turned over the question paper and couldn’t help but laugh… the questions were almost identical to almost every previous past paper. So the answers were reeled off, and I’m quietly confident. Even better is the fact that there are now just two exams to go, and the next one is on Friday… so I’d better get down to some revision.

Meanwhile, I have been mostly enjoying my return to Hull. It’s been good to see all my housemates again and we’ve had a good laugh. It seems incredible that I’ll be leaving almost all of them in just a few weeks time. It’s been a very good academic year as far as I’m concerned, and compared to the one I had last year it has been fantastic. Next year in London really better be worth upsetting all this for…

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