Random Collection

For some reason, I don’t feel like my revision has been of a high quality. Then again, I’m convinced I think that every time I do revise. I’ve never had a particular strategy. I just read, write and re-read again and again until I’m bored as hell of the material I’ve been trying to digest. Eventually I can’t take it any more, but that just so perfectly aligns with the exam date. I have a feeling this is going to happen again… but I just feel that not much is going in so far. I keep trying to blame it on the fact that I’m at home with more distractions, but this can’t be true. There’s been no one here but me and one of my brothers since Thursday. I just need to focus and have a little faith in myself.

But there are still a lot of distractions here. While I’ve been home, I’ve been getting involved in my brother’s football team, and I find it all very interesting… possibly to the point of giving me too much to think about. I can be reading about the problems facing the Commons and how perhaps only reform from outside can save it, when suddenly I’ll start thinking about who the team should be this Sunday, and who should leave the team at the end of this season, and maybe I should write some letters out to parents asking for the kit back. Bah. I wish I had something like this in Hull. Maybe I have finally found the niche I was looking for. I spent so long agonising over what kind of volunteering I’d like to do that in the end I didn’t do anything. This seems like a worthwhile pursuit. Something I should think about for when I finally leave home.

Strangely enough, it feels like I never have left home given how much time I’ve been here for the past few weeks. And in four weeks time, I’ll be back all over again until September. I’m still having my doubts about next year. A part of me is saying that if I’m this dedicated to teaching, I have no use for a four-year politics degree, especially as I’m already a year behind where I should be because of my foolish gap year choice. My brain is mulling over the thought that I could very well change degree to a three year one, and so finishing off my degree next year. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but it’s now too late to take a decision, meaning I have no choice but to finish the four year course. D’oh. Still, I suppose next year’s adventures in London could prove useful if I change my mind. Maybe it will change my mind.

Meanwhile, the debt gets larger. London is going to cost me a fortune anyway, so I’m rather expecting to come out of education with a stonking £17,000 of debt. Here’s to you, Tony Blair!

And I can’t get rid of the smell of cooking oil from last night. Having no brush to put oil onto my Quorn sausages I made a terrible decision of just trying to pour it on. Little did I realise the oil was that runny, and far too much came out. I had windows open for hours and the smell still wouldn’t go, and this morning it is still there. It’s bad enough that it took 30 minutes to cook sausages that were supposed to only take 15, and now I’m being constantly reminded of my cooking folly…

The last full day at home begins…

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