Time Does Fly

I don’t use the computer as much at home as I do in Hull, so I tend not to think about posting to this journal as much as I normally do when I’m here. But this time, my excuse is that I have been too distracted to realise that I’ve not posted for some time. The past three days I’ve been in Wales with my family, playing a lot of football and visiting Loggerheads Country Park for about the fiftieth time. My family’s rule is that when in doubt about what to do, go to Loggerheads. I’m sure the name of the place is not supposed to be a joke.

The week before that I’ve been here, desperately trying to avoid revision. This plan has been successful so far, but I have a feeling that I’m going to have to begin tomorrow, meaning that this is my last proper day of holiday. It’s been good though… I’ve relaxed and yet also done quite a lot of stuff with my family. My mum and dad are currently running a football team after the manager decided to quit, so I’ve been helping them out with that, going to the matches on a Sunday and the training on Wednesday. It’s been fun.

The odd thing is that I hated playing football when I was in school… the pressure to be good was just too high. Now I know I’m rubbish, I can just play it for the enjoyment now. When I was 11, I once slept underneath my bed in the hope that my parents wouldn’t find me and I’d be able to take the day off school, missing PE where we were due to play a game against another school. That day filled me with dread. Needless to say it didn’t work – I must have been stupid to think it would! But desperate times, and all that. I think my mum then went in to school to speak to the headteacher about it, as I didn’t play any more football. But now I’m starting to enjoy playing it again. Possibly something to do with the fact that I’ve realised I do very little exercise, and I may just be starting to put on weight, when I’ve always been a slim person. Tut tut.

Meanwhile, farce follows me everywhere. To work in my local primary school this summer, I need to get an enhanced CRB disclosure. The form was simple enough, and I got it signed by the secretary of the school, where she had to prove she had seen my three forms of ID by writing their details onto the form. Unfortunately, she failed to do this properly, and so, two weeks after me submitting the form to the school, it came back to me to get it completed properly. I’ve now sent it back off again with the missing information that the school failed to add. Two weeks wasted. This could mean that I start school (sounds weird saying that) later than the date I anticipated now. I remember this time last year I was waiting until the final day before I left the country for a police check for my job in a USA summer camp too.

Right… time to enjoy my last day of freedom. Back to Hull on Sunday. First exam on Monday, and the next the following Friday. Then the next three weeks after that first Monday. Snore. But then it’s all over for another year. w00t.

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