Monday mornings are always interesting for me as I have a 9:15am seminar discussing the state of the British parliament with a group of fellow students who are notorious conservatives, afraid of any kind of reform. This makes the debate lively at times, and at other times I refuse to take the bait so very little happens but a glorious back-slapping exercise on behalf of British politicians for their wonderful system.

Today it was the former. In our final discussion of the semester, the goal was to decide whether the current constitutional settlement is fine for the British, or whether we should be looking at some degree of reform… or maybe a radical overhaul.

It surprised me little to hear the conservatives in the group once more celebrating the wonderful British political system. It disappointed me to finally hear that the only other reformer in the group (and he was a still only a moderate reformer) had finally sold his soul to the devil. Without giving too many details, my tutor is a (with both a big C and a little c) Conservative Lord, and because he has a thorough mastery of the arguments people tend not to debate with him, preferring instead to accept his opinion as the only valid one. Principles are in exceptionally short supply amongst politics students, it would seem. I don’t know whether that’s surprising or not, given the tendency these days amongst all politicians to drop their beliefs for a few more votes…

Anyway… the discussion finished with me being the only one looking for a real British Revolution, something which I know will never happen. These classes have highlighted to me just how much of a radical I am… not necessarily a good thing in our conservative society… but I can give myself extra points for being able to debate with a politics professional and not choosing to sell out my thoughts for an easy life.

I always have been an opinionated person. And I’ve always been a bit of a revolutionary. Not in an anti-capitalist sense… more in terms of seeing the whole of British politics as a stinking, corrupt shambles. I don’t think I could be any more disillusioned with politics in this country, which is one of the reasons why I really hate it when people ask me whether I want to be an MP just because I’m doing a politics degree. The answer is a big fat no. I would then explain that I would prefer to work out of the media spotlight, behind the scenes for an MP, pressure group or some such.

Now I’ve realised that that is just as bad. It achieves nothing but perpetuates the present elites. And hence why I am now just not remotely interested in going into politics any time soon. I’ve always been interested in politics, and that is why I’m doing this degree. But now I feel it is time to refocus my ideas to an area where I could actually have an impact on people’s lives.

And hence why I’m looking at teaching now. It would tend to fit nicely with all that I believe in. And I find children fascinating anyway. It would be an honour to be part of raising future generations.


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