Temporary Freedom

It is moments like this that makes being put under tonnes of pressure for sustained periods worth it. The freedom from essays for at least the rest of this year is now in place, making all the stress I’ve suffered for these suddenly worth it. I have just finished my fourth and final essay, a veritable tome on the House of Lords, and now all that remains is for me to proof read and print it – hardly onerous tasks.

So I’m happy. The guilt of watching television has now lifted, although when I said this to a friend, he quipped “one should always feel guilty when watching Countdown”. Alas, he is quite right. There are far more important things to do than asking Carol for four from the top, just to piss her off. But my problem is that they may be important, but I can’t find them. It’s like trying desperately to find the remote control when Heartbeat – that institution of a depressing Sunday – comes on TV, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

In the meantime, I’m now trying to restrain myself from hitting Ctrl+S out of habit. I’m so paranoid about computers crashing or the electricity going off that I hit save after virtually every sentence during my essays. In fact, I’ve already done this while typing this post, which causes it to publish… this caused me great consternation… what a disaster it would be to lose half a post.

There we go, I’ve just went to do it again as I finished that paragraph. It is just the perfect distance between my left index finger and my left little finger. So… tempting. During my exactly 3,300 word essay, the statistics of the file tell me I saved it a whopping 150 times. I love useless statistics like that.

Anyway… rumours are spreading that me and my friends may do a rather weird sponsored walk in May. Last time I did anything sponsored it was an easy thing like “sponsored bouncy castle” like we used to do in school, all money going to the school. Now this could be a little more challenging, and will hopefully raise money for a better cause. More details may emerge soon, but it’s something I’ll write about again in future.

What’s even better is that a) the sun has come out, and b) it’s actually going to reach double figures in temperature in the next few days.

These are truly exciting times in Hull.

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  1. You can never save too often: I have learnt the hard time once too often.

    That said, 150 may be some sort of record.


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