On the train to London from Hull, as you get close to Kings Cross station, there are numerous tunnels. Some of them seem to go on for ages as your ears pop, then repop as you yawn and swallow to try to equalise the pressure. And no sooner do you come out of one tunnel, you end up in another one in a few minutes. It’s all a bit disconcerting, as then… suddenly, unexpectedly, you arrive on the platform. People are racing for the door to get off, and woe betide you if you’ve never opened a slam door on a train from the inside before.

There is a point to this meander. I feel that life is going like this for me at the moment. I’ve finished three of my four assignments, and now I have next week to do the last one. I’ve emerged from one tunnel, unscathed (apart from my eyes which feel like they’re starting to fail on distance vision) and all seems well. Yet, I know in a moment I’m going to go into another tunnel, for more fun and games. And I’m going to come out of that one as well, into relative calm as I spend three weeks sorting my life out, relaxing for Easter, and some mild revision.

Then I’ll be plunged into another one. The final tunnel. Well, for this year. My exam timetable is poor… one on the 24th of April, one on the 28th of April, and one on the 15th of May. Boo. I have a stonking two weeks of life on hiatus between my 2nd and 3rd exam. No doubt I’ll find something to do. Perhaps I could call that number and arrange a couple of visits to some local schools. But either way, my second year is complete on the 15th of May, but given that all my lectures finish on the 31st of March, and I’m hoping to go home on the 1st of April, that, in reality, is the end of my second year. I just have to come back for a few weeks and do some boring exams.

Life is zooming by. University life will be in the dim and distant past before I know it. That’s why I need to be decisive. So I am trying to be. I have told myself that summer in the USA is now cancelled. Instead, I will – hopefully – be volunteering in my old primary school back home for several weeks. I’m hoping to finalise those arrangements when I go home in a couple of weeks time. I suspect that I will enjoy it, and it might just confirm to me that I do want to go into primary teaching. Yes, I am strange. And even if not, it’s back to the drawing board. But I’d be a little pissed off that I’d suspended my foreign adventures for it.

Ever pushing the envelope, that’s me that is.

I wish.

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