Damn this Winter to the fiery pits of Hell is what I say. Hull has been wrapped in freezing weather for weeks now, and to say I’m utterly fed up of looking at my hands and noticing how blue they are, whether indoors or outdoors, is an understatement. My washing is taking much longer to dry because I can’t keep my window open for very long.

To me, this seems like the longest winter I’ve ever experienced. It took hold at the end of October, and is still going strong now in the middle of March with no end in sight. Yesterday it was snowing a lot… if it had stuck to the ground I might have accepted it, because then enormous snow fights can be had (see December 2004) and snowmen built, but there is no luck on these things in Hull.

Life continues on its merry way, but it seems to have slowed down a lot lately. I did feel like I had been cruising towards the end of the semester very quickly, but the past few weeks have dragged. It’s possibly because of the mountain of work I’m tackling at the moment, with some success. Two essays down with two more to go in two weeks is an acceptable situation. I’m feeling quite positive about life’s outlook at the moment, even though the looming threat of exams is just around the corner, coupled with still plenty of work to go. If only this cold would go away I could not only feel like we’re heading out of this grim tunnel of winter, but also save a small fortune on the gas bill.

Meanwhile, the housemate who had some troubles the past few weeks has decided to see out the rest of the semester from home, safe in the knowledge that he is likely to get considerable extensions on his essays. Good for him. It is the best place for him to sort out his troubles at the moment, and it reduces the stress on all of us here, who would have had to look out for him almost 24/7… something that we’re just not well equipped to do when he is an adult and capable of taking his own decisions no matter what we do. As I said to his parents: we can look out for him, but we can’t look after him. He’ll get the help he needs back home, I’m sure, and I look forward to him coming back, refreshed.

So that has come to a relief to a lot of us. It has meant we’ve all had to wrestle with feelings of selfishness, but I think it’s the right thing for him. There’s only so much we can do.

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