Little Detail

A lot has happened the past few days. Most of it negative, but it has now improved somewhat. I’m so fed up thinking about the issues in question that I can’t actually be bothered to detail them. All I want to write is that they were extremely stressful, and that they didn’t involve me directly; I just suffered emotionally as a result of someone else’s actions. But it’s over, and I hope things will now improve on that score.

Meanwhile, yesterday I made a trip down to London to meet and greet with a few MPs, arranged by my tutor for everyone doing my degree. One of them in particular was the one I went to see. I’ve decided that I simply can’t use names to describe what was involved. The problem then is that I can’t give away too many details of what happened either, in case that gives the game away too. But it was a fun time, and I answered some weird questions with some equally weird answers while being as nervous as hell. At first I didn’t know what to say, and so I ended up talking a load of bollocks… but I eventually got into the swing of the conversation as the MP’s informal style put me at ease. We seemed to get on well, and so I now have a job offer as an intern for next year which I’ve accepted. I’m sure I’ll be writing more on this in the months to come.

Before that happened, I got to spend some time in Central Lobby and played a rather crude game of “spot the famous face” bingo with my friends. I saw a couple of the BBC’s political correspondants, and even Ken Livingstone was hanging around in there. There were very few key MPs around, and so the highest profile senior politicians I saw were probably David Davis and Menzies Campbell. This was strangely exciting, so I must be a dull person. Yet, I did get to see Tony Blair and many others through a glass screen as I had tickets for Prime Minister’s Questions. Unfortunately, the public gallery behind the half a million pound glass screen is rather oddly angled, and so I could only see a third of the Commons chamber below. That was disappointing… and the glass screen made it feel rather remote anyway. So much for democracy.

Anyway… I need to get on with work. There is a lot to be done, alas, as the past few days have involved a lot more distractions than I thought they would, meaning I’m now just a bit behind with my essays. I’m hoping to achieve a fair amount today, so I could do without any more excitement for the moment.

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