The Vortex of Thoughts

On this journal I tend to get into the mindset of thinking – wrongly – that I “only did a post a couple of days ago”. In the end that turns into a week, and I realise that I probably should have posted by now. Then I claim that my week has actually been so quiet that there was nothing to write about.

Invariably this isn’t true, and it’s more my fault for being rather forgetful. Still, I’ll now have to make the best with what I’ve got…

This week has been a week of contemplation, and even one or two important decisions. Despite my driving woes, as I wrote about last time, I have now decided I must see this one through. My attitude has changed somewhat given that my three lessons this week have actually put me right back on track. In fact, I even went through two lessons in a row without stalling. Not bad, considering how annoying I find the instructor’s car.

My instructor thinks I will be able to pass my test in the not too distant future. This is good news… the sooner this is over the better, and then I can forget about cars and stuff for a while, since I have no intention of driving my own car any time soon. If things keep going well, and I get my theory test done soon, with a bit of luck I might be able to pass by Easter. This is good. I still need to practice my parking, but now I can (sort of) reverse park, and with a bit more tries I will actually get close to the kerb!

So that’s good. Meanwhile, I have been hard at work trying to complete the paid job I’ve been given writing up factsheets for a website from VHS tapes. I now have just three episodes to go, and the money is starting to come in. Yet, the tax office have again issued the same (wrong) tax code for me. They really are hopeless. Thankfully it’s not massively wrong, so I will now finally get all my hundreds of pounds of tax back (yay!) which doubtless will go straight into my savings account. Hmm. But I have been thinking of buying a digital camera with it. I would definitely enjoy that. It could be a nice reward for me.

But also on the money side, I now think I am secure enough in funds to do something like sponsoring a child somewhere in the world. I think that would be cool. Just now got to find a reputable agency to do it with. I’d be a little annoyed if someone embezzled it.

However, University work still piles up. I will make some progress on that tomorrow by dealing with a small presentation I’m going to make in a couple of weeks time. That will help me to keep pretending that I’m going along fine. Also on University, I get the module results back for the exams and essays I did at the end of last year on Monday. That will be interesting, since these actually count for something. Fingers crossed.

It was only last night, in my first bout of real insomnia ever, that I realised a couple of things. First, it is a mistake to eat a large meal just an hour before bedtime. I felt ill most of the night because digestion in my stomach was having to go on without the aid of gravity… and to make matters worse I was extremely thirsty no matter how much water I drank.

The other thing I thought about, as I whiled away the hours between 2 and 4am, was just how “almost” perfect my life is right now. Everything is suddenly going well (quite a change from last Sunday), and somehow the balance of pressure, hobbies and free time is just right.

And yet, for some reason, I still desperately want to bring a wrecking ball to all of that by getting a girlfriend.

Funny how life works, eh.

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