Quiz Night Win! Almost

Quiz Night has become a regular feature in this house. The student union has one every Tuesday, and me and my mates go most weeks. We do well, getting pretty close to winning each week. We just need to push a bit further.

This time we did. In a tied first place, we battled through a simple tiebreaker to finally win the damn thing at long last. Hooray. So now the choice was ahead: three boxes, and in one of them is money, the other is drink tokens, and the other sod all.

As I answered the tie breaker, I was selected to make the choice of box. My friends started humming the Deal or No Deal theme tune as I went up to make the choice.

Yep. I picked the empty one. Well, not quite empty. It had a few chocolate sweets in it. Nice though they were, it was not the desired result. We missed out on about £40 each.

So we’ll keep going. We’ve proved we can win at least, but now we need to go and end with a flourish.

So that was yesterday. Today I managed to persuade everyone to go bowling in the free time we all have on Wednesday afternoons. At £1.80 per person per game, you can’t complain. And it was almost empty. I’m normally pretty good at bowling, but today scores of 79 in the first game and 102 in the second were rather disappointing. I got 130 the other day when I went with the kids of my brother’s football team. Oh well.

Life is good. Oh, apart from the stupidity that is the Inland Revenue. If you owe them money, they’ll be onto you in a shot. If they owe you money… well, expect to wait several months to sort it out.

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