The Good Presents, The Bad Dog and the Ugly Noel Edmonds

Since I arrived home on Thursday night it has been a rather average week. The new dog that my family has is rather annoying, and seems to want to bite everyone and everything. It is only a pup, so it has to learn not to bite people, especially their toes, but it is rather annoying to have to walk around everywhere with shoes on. That’s how I ruined my last pair…

Since I got back I’ve been able to think about Christmas presents for my family. I’ve got most of them now, but sadly my dad has dropped hints far too late for me to include them in an earlier Amazon order. Now I won’t get the free shipping, and the cost of the item is higher on, probably to make up the “free” postage on their site. Bah.

The present buying has included a visit to Toys R’ Us, where as always the keyboard aisle was my favourite. I spent a good 10 minutes or so testing out those keyboard. Made me want to buy the £170 one because it was so much better than the £60 one I currently have. There was also a shop assistant in the aisle playing a guitar who told me it was his job just to entertain people with it all shift, and helping people who ask him questions. I could do that. Sounds like a job I would not hate quite so much as all the other “real” jobs I’ve done in my life so far. I’ll bet they don’t pay well though.

Of course, no shopping trip is complete without a scandal or two. Upon arriving at the checkout I noticed the cost was much higher than I thought. No, I lie. In fact, I didn’t even look at the price. I put the card in, typed in my PIN and walked out. It was afterwards when I thought… “that £9.99 item was actually £19.99”. So, I went back into the store about 20 minutes later (having gone into the nearby Costco and entertained the masses on a fine £400 electronic piano thingy) and checked the shelves where I bought this item. Nothing else on the shelves was being sold for £19.99, so this was clearly a ploy to put expensive items next to a £9.99 price label and hope no one notices.

In the end I got the difference refunded. So now one of my brothers has a damn good present that only cost me a tenner. Not bad.

Today I am off to visit my Gran and Grandad’s new flat. I’ve not seen them for a while so I’m sure there’s a lot to discuss, including Des Lynam’s performance on Countdown, and whether the Deal Or No Deal contestants are actors with Noel Edmonds hamming it up from the centre…

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