The euphoria at the end of exam season is often very hard to beat. Again it’s been a week since I posted… most of that was down to a lot of revision, but some of it was just me wasting lots and lots of time watching such classic programmes as “Deal or No Deal?” or down to me buying episode of the classic kids TV programme “Tugs” off eBay. Oh, it has been fun.

But now it’s over. Even better… the revision is over. That’s what gets me the most really. It’s been so tiring reading the same stuff over and over. Indeed, I couldn’t even start a revision session lately without feeling my eyes getting heavy and perhaps catching a few minutes sleep. I think this semester has really taken a lot out of me, and so it’s now just brilliant that I get three weeks of freedom. Total, utter freedom. I’m sure I’ll be complaining of how bored I am a week or so after Christmas.

In fact, it will soon be the first anniversary of this blog. That is an achievement I’m pleased about. I was rather expecting me to stop writing in it just a month or so afterwards. I tend to get bored with new things rather quickly, so I had very little optimism that I was going to keep it going. But now I feel like I’ve got it so entrenched into my routine that I’ll never stop. This is good. It’s occasionally quite interesting for me to look back over all my past posts and see how things have changed with me.

Next semester will be tough, but I will at least be doing two modules that sound enjoyable. I have a research project to do which could prove interesting… and a few other bits and pieces here and there. It should be pretty good. Academic life being interesting would be a bit of a novelty, so I’m not expecting it to turn out that way. But it’s been a while since I felt this optimistic about the immediate future.

I could be going home tomorrow now. I’ll find out more when my mum phones later. It’ll be nice to get back home. A lot of things have happened back there while I’ve been away, so it’ll be good to catch up with everyone. I might even be able to practice driving in my mum and dad’s car. Sounds dangerous…

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  1. My anniversary is approaching too! Enjoy putting your feet up for a while…


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