At the half way stage of exam season is a nice statistic. I actually think that this is nowhere near as difficult as GCSEs. That was 15+ exams squashed into a three week period with never ending revision. A-Levels were six to nine-ish exams over the same time frame. University exams are two, three, maximum four over a similar time period. This time it is just two, and the first of which was dealt with this morning. One of my brothers is sitting his GCSEs this year, so I have much sympathy with him. I remember that time with dread. It’s a time I’d never like to repeat. But this? This is easy in comparison.

The only difference here really is that the exam is not worth quite so much… 60% of the final total, with the remaining 40% made up from a substantial essay produced during the term. This year my exam results actually count for something, and yet I don’t think I’ve done anything differently compared to last year when they didn’t. An optimist might say this is because I was already at optimum study pace last year (I like that) … and a pessimist might say it’s because I just don’t really care. Sure this is my life we’re talking about, but since most other people are going to have degrees, I figured I should probably join them.

Either way, I’m quite happy. I’ve been locked in revision for the past few days now, and it’s bored me shitless. Now I get a couple of days off before I get back to work for the final exam, and then I can finally think about Christmas. But given that today’s exam was the worst, I feel like I’m nearly there. So the 50% may look something more like 70%. Even better. I see my life in terms of obstructions to a goal. Exams are most definitely that. So when I pass through one things always look rather excellent, even if they aren’t as a whole.

I’m just so fed up of exams. Ten years of almost non-stop assessment… and still rising. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I normally do pretty well in them, and that’s because I don’t think they’re by any means the best way to assess at this kind of level. So many other good students suffer because they are just plain bad at exams. And I wouldn’t say I even revise properly. I tend to just read and rewrite. Nothing special. I think that’s pretty unfair, and I’d be very happy to see more coursework instead of exams at this level. Plus the outrageously dull revision and the unrealistic stress levels associated with them… it just equals badness.

It looks like I’m going home a week on Friday now. This is good.

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