Harry Potter

Since the summer I have been reading lots of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, I have been suckered in to this series – I think it’s excellent – but I’ve had the fortune of picking it up so late that I was able to read books back to back so I never had to wait inbetween them to find out what was going to happen next.

Until now. In the past few days I decided to up the pace on the 6th and most recent book so that it couldn’t be a distraction during my revision, which is supposed to begin today. I finished it yesterday, and am now forced to join the anguish of many others who patiently wait for the next instalment. I’m glad I’ll only have to do this once, but you can be sure that I won’t be queuing up at midnight to buy it when it comes out. I’m sure things won’t get that desperate.

I would also like to go see the fourth film, but there’s not much of an appetite for it here. It doesn’t help the cause that I live with literary and film fascists, who look down their nose at such offerings. Nevermind. I’ll probably go see it with my family when I go home in a couple of weeks time. In fact, in two weeks time exams will be over and I’ll be going home the next day. Hopefully. Deep joy.

Things are starting to feel Christmassy now. It might be the weather. It might be the outrageous cold in this house. It might be the exams. It might just be the change in the calendar. But either way I’m looking forward to getting out of here and seeing my family for a while. Life around here is boring, and we all seem to be getting fed up with each others company in this house. Conversations are getting shorter, tempers are flaring (including mine) and the intensive revision (yeah, right) is driving people round the bend.

Now then. Time to stop procrastinating. And time to switch off the music. That’s enough from the Proclaimers.

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  1. Talking of Harry Potter… Have you heard about the “JK Rowling conspiracy”?

    Its been alleged that the Harry Potter books are all actually written by a team of ghost writers under the command of the fat cats at Bloomsbury and Warner Brothers to create the ultimate money spinner

    JK is alleged to be a nobody who is paid to pretend to be the writer of Harry Potter, mainly for publicity reasons, but also because her single mother image and initially poor backstory pushes some kind of hidden and warped feminist / liberal agenda?


    LOL. I am very sceptical, but an amusing idea.


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