A Bigger Letter from America

Yesterday another letter from America arrived, only this time it was bigger and heavier. It was the so-called Yearbook from camp. A glossy magazine/book thingy for free… something I can show around to people in the future, so it’s a nice souvenir. It’s weird that in a few days time it will be six months since I left for America. This year is rapidly fading away.

The past few days have been procrastination filled, so my skills in this field are now being enhanced immeasurably. New ways of killing the hours, including installing old games and then deciding that I actually don’t want to play them, and so uninstalling them, have become my forte.

Meanwhile, I haven’t taken a decision on the list of MPs I have been given. I think I have mentioned in the past that my course does an internship with an MP next year. Well, now I have been given a list of the prospective MPs, and I have to consider them carefully. There’s a good balance, so I need to decide whether to go for someone with an important job, but might not have much time for me, or go for a backbencher who I could be really involved with in their work. I don’t want to just do the photocopying or make the tea. But I obviously don’t want to discuss this one in too much depth lest I expose my identity to my future “employer”.

But I think I need to decide soon. We have a meeting on this tomorrow at Uni, which should be interesting. It might be good to find out who other people are considering. Then I’ll know if I’m going to be challenged on the ones I’m thinking about.

This raises an interesting point. Can I continue this blog from next September if it’s going to be about my life in Westminster? Might be a little difficult and a little sensitive… and it wouldn’t be interesting for me to write about my work and my MP and the goings on of the house without disclosing any of the names involved.

Hmm. But now, it is time for food. w00t.

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  1. You know, there are actually some pretty enthusiastic blogging MPs out there, and Hansard actively encourages it!

    Try seeking out Lynne Featherstone or Labour backbencher Tom Watson’s sites. Oh, and OF COURSE there’s always Boris!

    Blogging about work does pose certain dilemmas, but so long as you set yourself some ground rules it can be done.


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