The Inevitable

And so the lull between essay submission and exams begins. Until December 7th, there are just two more hours of formal academic time left this semester. This is good. Sure, the exams are imminent, but I should be able to deal with them. They’re a little harder this year, but I have plenty of time to revise, plus the subjects I’m doing are a lot more interesting so a lot of the stuff has stuck first time around. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, I was visited by relatives from home on Tuesday. They know someone who is the father of one of the players at Hull City FC, apparently. So they had free tickets. I like football but haven’t been to a game in years because it’s so expensive. I couldn’t pass up free tickets. Plus, I was bored as hell on Tuesday night. It has been one of my goals to see a game at Hull, as their new stadium looks pretty impressive from the outside… so I took the opportunity.

Probably not one of the best games to see. 18,000 people in the ground, maybe a couple of hundred Southampton away fans, yet they made much more noise than the Hull crowd. In fact, the atmosphere was dead. Hull were rubbish, it has to be said, so there was little to sing about… and somehow they scraped a 1-1 draw. But in all the games I’ve been to in the past, the atmosphere was much better. My friend who came with me (who likes non-league football) blamed it on seating, because terraces have much more atmosphere, according to him. Hmmm.

On Wednesday, I had another driving lesson, which was fun. I got onto a main road, and used fourth gear for the first time. It all still seems so fast and I always think I’m going to lose control at 40mph… but I guess with time I should be able to realise that I’m not going to and all will be well. Still haven’t turned right yet, but that’s going to happen next time apparently. Things seem to be going pretty well, and the clutch is no longer evil. In fact, it is my Friend. I just need to move round the gears a little more. It’s probably not a good idea to come from 40mph to a stop in 4th gear unless it’s an emergency. “4 to 2!” shouts the instructor, as the car judders wildly and the gears take another pounding…

But sod all has happened today. Oh well.

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