Ever since I returned after the summer, this house has been having a small slug problem. I have no doubt it’s because of the damp that is starting to appear in the living room. But this isn’t my house, and the landlord doesn’t seem to care despite it being reported, so I will carry on living in pretty unhealthy conditions.

Now, in recent days there has been a new development in the peaceful co-existence of man and slug. Until now every few days there would be a lot of slug trails appear on the living room carpet overnight. This was annoying, but they would hoover up quite nicely, and as long as no one saw them, life was good.

But now they seem to have turned on me. In the past week, several Suicide Slugs seem to have appeared. I have no idea what is causing this, but now when I get up in the morning there are now exploded slugs in random locations. And no sooner do I clean them up – a vile business in itself that makes me sick – do more appear the next day. Indeed, one of them blew up underneath the freezer door the other day, which was a particularly nasty clean up job.

I am suspicious that my housemates have started attacking them with salt, but I have no idea if this would cause this weird effect. No one else would ever dream of clearing them up, and I can’t say it enthralls me… but if I didn’t move them we’d just have clutches of dead slugs all over the place. The rest of my housemates don’t seem to be very good at observation anyway, judging by the state of the kitchen right now. If I didn’t perform this kind of National Service for them they’d be happily walking through slugs and the squelch just wouldn’t register.

Anyway… life continues in its merry way. Over the past four days I have 95% completed one of my monster 3,000 word essays. I now have two weeks to do the other one. It’s been a hard few days with all the work, reading and thinking going on, but I feel pretty good that I’m ahead of the game right now. I just can’t let myself drop the ball. Like my housemate… the one who is having issues right now… he seems to have spent the last four days in a drunken stupour. I think I’m going to have to say something…

Tonight I have another driving lesson – my 5th Hour of Learning. Deep joy. I’m getting the hang of it now, which is pretty useful if I don’t want to have to spend an utter fortune on lessons…

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  1. Hmmm. Those exploding slugs sound most suspicious. I think you might be on the right trail with your housemate/salt shaker theory.


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