The Early Bird

For some reason I was so tired last night that I just had to go to bed at around 10pm. As a result, I’m now awake at a much earlier time than normal. Funny thing is that getting up at 6am used to be the norm for me in the years gone by. Since this academic year started, 8:30am is my normal time because I’m going to bed after midnight. I don’t remember when I changed my sleeping pattern…

Maybe I was so tired yesterday because of my driving lesson yesterday. It was only on hour, but it occured to me during it that this was, in fact, quite stressful. I’m sure it’ll soon become second nature, but until I get the chance to keep practicing so that it does become natural, I will keep finding all these different maneouvers rather challenging. I can do them, sure, but my concentration is intense. I have another lesson today, and I hope it gets a little easier!

Another four day weekend begins for me, only this time I have no choice but to do a lot of work. I was hoping to have all four days clear so I had no excuse to procrastinate, but with the driving lesson today, and a meeting with a friend from home tonight, and then tomorrow I have to cut my hair again… oh, to lead such a busy life.

My target by Sunday is to have the shortest piece of work: 1,000 words completed. On top of that, I must either have got around half way on the first 3,000 word essay, or have done some research and took notes for my second 3,000 word essay.

Meanwhile, back at home, I discover that my family has just got a dog. I’m not a big fan of dogs. I don’t hate them, but I just find them annoying. I was concerned when I went home at the end of summer and there seemed to be a lot of talk about dogs from my brothers and sister. I could see my parents ready to crumble to the the incessant demands, even though they know they will end up looking after it when my brothers and sister get bored. Oh well. Suppose I should give them a chance to prove themselves!

I’m starting to miss my family. It’s been two months since I’ve seen any of them. Although it was longer than this over summer, I was doing something fun to distract myself. Uni is starting to bore the hell out of me and Christmas can’t come too soon. A break would be very nice indeed.

But it’s not too far away now…