Shaving Sorrows

I decided to use a new razor for the first time in months today. I only shave once every five or so days anyway, so I can make them last a while. But the old one was looking a bit blunt, so out came a new one.

Mistake. I don’t think I’ve ever cut myself in so many places. The whole of my chin and upper neck has small cuts all over it. And then I managed to nick a spot which is having trouble stopping bleeding.

November so far has been a little difficult. My housemate with girlfriend issues has slowly gone off the rails in the past week. The mind games increased to such a level that he decided to go to Glasgow to see her. Long distance relationships are expensive, I guess. This was a spur of the moment thing. He’d barely talked to anyone all week, and then he decided to piss off on Friday.

It would seem that it’s finally over, and he’s obviously heart broken by this. I’ve heard him sobbing uncontrollably down the phone to his parents… who then decided to come up for the weekend. It looks to me like he really doesn’t know what the point in life is without the person he’s loved for so long. Difficult. I don’t know what to say. The silences are awkward because he’s clearly thinking about the situation, but in the meantime it’s alienating the rest of us. I’m trying to support him but he doesn’t really like talking about it. He’s not a talkative person at the best of times.

Right now we have one guest in the house. Tomorrow, three more people will arrive, taking the total to 10, and there may even be another in the pipeline. The house is not big enough for this amount of people, especially as they’re all staying for a few days. It’s going to make things a little lively.

My next driving lesson is on Wednesday. Should be a useful distraction, although I need to crack on with my essays at some point this week. This semester is rapidly coming to a close… and that’s the scary part.