The clutch is evil.

Things went better than I could have expected in my driving lesson. But the clutch is still evil.

I need to get in some practice before the next lesson so I don’t rush my foot off the clutch all the time. I’m sure I’ll get it soon, but the fact that I don’t have any way of practicing is rather annoying. My next lesson is next week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d forgotten the lot by then.

But it was a lot of fun. Moving around at more than a walking pace off my own efforts was rather a shock. It surprised me just how fast 20mph felt. I managed to get the car up to third gear – gear changes were not actually that difficult for me – and I wanted to go a little faster but the speed limit of 20mph in the area I was practicing didn’t help.

I think everything else went well. I was able to stop the car well, and steering was pretty easy, although at first I nearly did run into a hedge on the side of a bend because I couldn’t quite judge the width of the car… My instructor claimed it’s going to end up around 40 lessons and beyond given the fact that I can’t practice here. But I should be able to get some practice in when I go home for Christmas. That will be fun.

I thought the biggest surprise was how lightly I needed to touch the accelerator for it to rev up like mad. Its sensitivity made it harder for me to find the biting point with the clutch. Maybe I was driving a finely tuned car. I dunno.

So here begins the long road to driving freedom.

In other news, I have started my research for my essays. And with four weeks to go. This is rather unusual…

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