And D is for Driving. Yes, at long last, today I take my first driving lessons, over three years from the time I could have started. I’m rather excited, but a little worried about exactly who my instructor is going to be. What if they’re crap? I don’t want to have to “fire” my driving instructor. But I might have to if she’s not going to be able to give me more than one lesson a week. As I’ve said before, I want to get this over as quickly as possible. I’ll probably post again tomorrow with what happened. Here’s hoping I’m still alive…

Another four day weekend comes to a close. I didn’t exactly do much, but I did dig out a fairly old, but fantastic, game called StarCraft. Unfortunately, I spent most of the weekend saving Jim Raynor and his chums. I’ve never completed the game without having to cheat, but that was in my youth when I didn’t think much of cheating. Yet, it did ruin so many games. Now I’m revisiting them without the aid of “operation cwal” and “show me the money”. Makes it much more interesting.

From today I have three weeks to hand in my 1000 word research proposal, and four weeks to hand in two 3000 word essays. So, I think the time approaches that I get down to work on them. I have promised myself that I must start my reading/note taking for these essays this week, so that I don’t feel as pressured as I would if I started next week.

The difference this year is that exams will start the week after I hand in essays, so I shouldn’t leave this till last minute anyway, or I won’t have any time to revise. This is a test of self-discipline!

I really need to shave…

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