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Things have moved a little since last time. The absent housemate has returned. It was, as predicted, girlfriend issues. But it went a little further into the realms of adolescent crisis of identity, confidence and ability. The kind of thing I seem to go through on a regular basis, despite being done with this whole “growing up” thing – allegedly. So society says.

So that turned into a late nighter when me and a friend offered as much advice as we could. It seemed to help a lot, but I still think he’s not himself. It will take a while to get through it, of course. We just have to be there to help support him. Unusual for something like this to come out in such a public way though. I wonder if he’s feeling embarrassed about it now. I know if I came out with all the stuff I dredge through in my mind I probably would be…

On a happier note, I won ¬£50 a couple of days ago for completing surveys on the YouGov website. I had a feeling I was going to win something one of these days. The first time I’ve ever won anything in my life. I’m pretty sure of that. The money has been spent on a brand new pair of speakers, which I’m very impressed with. I’ve never spent more than a tenner on PC speakers, but this is worth it. Much more powerful bass. I also flogged my old pair for a fiver. Not bad.

I also decided to break the driving lessons hiatus by calling up a new instructor company. Their cars look like the reverse of ladybirds – black with red writing on – but I think I can handle it. In theory I have my first lesson on Monday at 3pm as long as my new instructor contacts me tomorrow. It’s going to set me back a lot, but I have stashed most of my money for the work I did at the start of this term for this very purpose. I want this damn thing out the way.

I also passed the practice theory test for the first time today. I bought some CDs the other day off eBay which have loads of “official” theory tests on them. I had failed 4 in a row until today – all pretty borderline. But today I passed. Things are looking good.

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  1. Good to know you are finally getting on the road!

    I’m thinking of signing up to YouGov after checking it out. They ask if anyone referred me to them. I was thinking if I put you, maybe you will get more credit? If you want, email me your email address and I will give you a mention when I sign up.


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