Life Goes On

It’s been a while since I last posted here. 9 days is something of a record for me. I suppose it’s a bit of a combination of nothing happening worth writing about, and just being too busy concentrating on University work.

In the meantime, I decided to arrange some driving lessons. But of course, there is always some farce as far as I’m concerned. I called up the driving school, had a short discussion and told them I wanted to do the lessons as quickly as possible. I don’t want to be doing one hour a week until 2007. I don’t have a car to practice on, so if I did that I’d forget so much inbetween weeks. It would just be nice to get this out of the way so I don’t have to worry about it when I finally have to leave University.

So the good intentions were there. Unfortunately, they weren’t returned. The guy I phoned assured me he would call back that evening. He didn’t. He didn’t phone on Friday either, and it’s looking pretty bad for today as well. Stupid. I don’t know how I always seem to end up in these situations. Now I don’t want to call them, because they said they would phone me, and now I don’t want to phone another driving school because I feel that would be a bit mean on the one I phoned first. Then again, it doesn’t exactly bode well if they can’t even return a call when they said they would. Hmm.

On Thursday one of my housemates left completely out of the blue. He still isn’t back. When he came to tell me he was going home “for the weekend” he looked extremely upset. It looked like he had been crying, but when I asked him what’s up he wouldn’t respond. Typical manly response, I’m afraid. We men just won’t talk about problems. The strange thing then was that his mum phoned me asking if I knew what was up. That implies that it’s not a problem at home. Probably trouble with his girlfriend as usual, but he is not the kind of person to break down for anything. I hope he’s OK.

Anyway… life really does go on. I’m no nearer to deciding on my future, and I’ve tried to put my negative feelings about life out of my mind for now. Either way, the clock continues to tick.

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