The beginning of the new University term has brought along with it a new thing which I’m not used to: seminars. They are hard-core, intense periods of discussion with a tutor who is a particular expert on a field. So you’re expected to come prepared.

The problem is that next Monday I am giving the seminar paper. It’s only a small group, so there’s no chance I’ll be intimidated by that. No. I’m used to presenting in front of groups these days. That used to be something I struggled with… I have extremely bad memories of having to give speeches to my English GCSE class – panic attacks and general lack of confidence were my fortĂ©. But thankfully, things are OK with that.

I’m more worried about having to present this topic, researched all of my own back, in front of the tutor who is an academic legend on this subject. I’m sure the facts are going to be wrong somewhere, and the analysis will be sub-par. But there’s nothing I can do about it. Even better is the fact that it’s not graded. Hoho. They’ve missed a trick there. It’s going to be… interesting.

In the meantime, I have received a CD and DVD from one of my bosses in the USA which has on it tonnes of pictures of the summer. This is pretty neat, and there are a fair few of me. I might actually do something about sharing some pics now. Will save me having to do a lot of scanning in.

Anyway… the university term seems to have finally taken off. It’s been extremely dull so far: once again this year I have only one module out of four this semester that I got to pick, and even then this pick was from a limited list. As a consequence, I’m not doing subjects that I really want to do. It’s bearable, but I’m not feeling very optimistic or confident about this year, mainly because of an increase in difficulty and little change to the boredom level. I just need to keep telling myself that it will fly by as quickly as the last one.

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