Something wonderful happened a couple of days ago.

I had a pizza. But not just any pizza.

A classic pizza done in my own oven. Yes, the cooker is finally fixed. It only took eight weeks or so since the landlord was first told about it.

More great news came in the form of another wheelie bin. Now we have six people in this house it means that we’re allowed another bin. Although we recycle tonnes of stuff, we always make slightly more than just one wheelie bin full of rubbish. Now we won’t suffer with backlogs as we did last year.

In the meantime, the academic year has properly begun. Although this week is not particularly intense because the tutorial sessions haven’t begun yet, it’s starting to shape up that this year is going to be pretty tough. I kinda expected it, but it’s still not nice to finally be faced with the realisation that I’m going to be pretty busy from next week on. The only good thing is that I have every Thursday and every alternate Friday off. This gives me extra reading time so I don’t need to ruin my weekends as I had to for most of last year.

I’ve finally been paid for the job I’ve been doing for a friend. On top of my student loan and grant I’m in pretty good shape right now. I’ve stuck most of it in my savings account… I’m definitely going to need some of it when I have to work in London next year. That ain’t gonna be cheap.