I’m very happy. My fingers are in immense pain, but I’m very happy.

The reason is that, at last, my guitar has returned from its repair and service. I hadn’t played it for around four weeks, and so the hard skin on the ends of my fingers had started to disappear again. It feels like I’m starting to play all over again… but the difference this time is that I know what I want to play and I know how to do it. So it’s even worse. When you start, your fingers hurt, but at least you don’t know much and so you don’t know what you’re missing. I do. Anyway, it’s been great to be able to play all the songs I’ve learned over summer. Brought back some good memories.

Next week starts University proper. This week has been a bit of a delaying tactic and a false alarm. I had to go in twice, but for nothing major. So my holidays properly end tomorrow. I’m rather dreading getting back into academic life. Right now I’m too engrossed in reading books of fiction than to get back down to reading dull books about facts. Or rather, the opinions of the author dressed up as fact. Ack. Give me an easy life for a change.

My To Do list is remarkably small. For now. I think I’ve got most things sorted out in these couple of weeks I’ve had free. We still don’t have a cooker here, which is just appalling, despite numerous complaints. I’m starting to get used to life without it. I’ve also finished the job I was given, and so the money will start flowing in soon.

It’s now time to consider those driving lessons, as I promised myself.