The Undone

I had high hopes for this week. But they have slowly evaporated. Or rather, they have quickly. The remarkable thing about this is the fact that it has almost entirely not been my fault. This is unusual as I had been the master of procrastination last year… putting things off till last minute, or even making up excuses not to do things because of nerves or lack of confidence.

But so far this week everything is going wrong because of other people’s failure. The oven is still not fixed. The council are refusing to give us a new bin despite the fact that we now have the required number in the house and a lot of rubbish piling up (which is disgusting). have not responded to my request to return a broken motherboard under warranty in three days. And the guitar repair people have only just got in touch with me today about collecting and fixing my guitar, one whole week after the money cleared into their account.

This annoys me. I’m really organised this week. I’m making good progress with a job I’ve been given by a friend which is paying very well. I’ve even managed to read chapters of a thoroughly dull book on the British Parliament in preparation for a pretty tough module this semester. This alongside some cricket watching (yes, I am that dull) and now I’ve almost finished the fifth Harry Potter book, which will be the fourth I’ve read since June. Not to mention all the cleaning around here and the various e-mails I’ve been writing since I got back.

But I still have more I need to do. As I said last post I wanted to start scanning in some pictures but that’s been put on the backburner for a while. I also want to investigate driving instructors around here once I’ve finished this job I’m currently working on. I’m also supposed to be researching how on Earth the US visa system works so I can send details to my summer camp to plan for next year. This is a major problem.

In any case I’m feeling reasonably good. I’m sure it will all change when the term gets into gear, but at least I’m starting from a high. This is all very different to how I was feeling this time one year ago today. My final day back at home was happening, and I was preparing to move on out for the joys of Hull…