A Week

Time flies extremely quickly… and it’s been a week since I last got to post. Since Friday I’ve been in Wales as my parents insisted I had to go see their new caravan there. It was pretty nice, to be honest, and I had a good time. It was nice to relax for a while – probably just what I needed after the stress of the past few weeks.

So while I’ve been in Wales I’ve visited some parks and even managed to climb one hill there, Moel Famau. It wasn’t difficult, which is nice. I guess I have earned some fitness while I’ve been living at altitude. The other thing I gained while I was in America was 4kg (or around 9lbs in old money)… I had suspected I had put on weight as I didn’t remember my stomach having so much fat on it. I’m not overweight and I never have been… some might even say that I needed to put on some weight. But I don’t like it. So now I have to control my food intake: I definitely ate more in America, and now I’m used to that.

It still feels a little surreal to be back home in ordinary life after the experience of the past three months. I’m not at all ready for going back to University, which starts in two weeks time. I’m going to go back to Hull this weekend so I can get settled back down again. I’m actually looking forward to living in the same house but with every room filled with friends this year. No more Evil Housemates to deal with. Woohoo.

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