Taking Flight

And so my summer comes to an end. It’s Sunday night… the final banquets and campfires have taken place, and my transport out of here leaves at 7am tomorrow morning. It’s been an astounding summer, and I can’t wait to repeat it next year, but right now I’m just about ready to go. I received my last pay cheque, and also received the devastating news that international staff don’t get the $200 contract completion bonus that everyone else gets, and I feel like it’s a case of a job well done. The bosses seem to be grateful for the job I’ve done this summer and they’re keen on getting me back.

What’s weird is the fact that of the seven other people doing the exact same job as me but with different sections and age ranges of the camp… I’m the only one who wants to come back and do the same job. According to my boss this summer, it’s unusual for a campfire counselor (that was me) to want to come back and do the same job again. Most of them want to do hiking or backpacking in future years. Some of them just don’t come back at all. Maybe I’m more stupid than I thought. Perhaps there’s something about second years that bore people of doing the same job. I guess there’s only one way I’ll find out.

So tomorrow I struggle home with my three bags – a suitcase, a guitar case and a backpack. My guitar successfully made the journey across the Atlantic without breaking… and I’m hoping for the same to happen again. I’ve heard so many bad stories about guitars in transit always breaking at the neck. I would cry if that happened to me. I suspect I’m going to have to throw some stuff in the bin though. I just can’t stuff everything back in. Oh well.

Flight #1 at 11:15am.
Flight #2 at 11:10pm… arriving 10:50am next morning in London.

It’s going to be another very long day.

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  1. Hey Matt, glad you’ve had a good time. Sounds like it went better than you’d even hoped it would.

    Ooo. Flying East to West is a killer.


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