More Changes

The past week has been exceptionally busy for me. Just as last term, in the final week I was charged with organising the final banquet and other activities which draw closure to the term. They all went extremely well, and by the end of the last week I was eventually really sad to see these kids go. Although I didn’t like them as much as the first term kids, it was still a hard couple of days dealing with the stresses of the job and the fact that I’ve had to come to terms with the summer almost being over.

Yes. I find it hard to believe that I’ve been in the USA for nine weeks now. I have two more weeks to go, and one of them is called “Family Camp” this week, where all the kids have been replaced by more kids but with parents in addition this time. So far I’ve not been enjoying this. Some of this might be due to initial adaption to having a new boss and a new crew to work with, but I think the kids at this camp are too young… it’s not that I don’t like 5 year olds, but I just find it more difficult to communicate with them. Also, I don’t like talking with kids in front of their parents. I get more embarrased for some reason.

The other part is that I’m really sad to have left behind a lot of the great friends I’d made during the nine weeks I’ve been here. I have their addresses, and I’m hoping to come back next year – it was all worth it in the end – but I feel that some of them I might never see again. All in all it’s been fun and I’d like to reflect on it a bit more. I’ll probably write something more considered when I finally get home.

In the meantime… life here continues. It’s still a lot of fun.

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