The past few days have been a bit of a struggle. Most of the campers are totally burnt out because they simply refuse to sleep at any reasonable hour, and consequently they’re miserable, moan a lot and often laze around, refusing to take part in activities.

Because of this, it’s not long before it rubs off on me. I feel like I haven’t stopped nagging at campers to get involved, or go to sleep, or various other things for ages now. It’s got me in a spiral of negativity, and a number of campers have been on the receiving end in the past few days. When I get angry, I tend to express it in enormous layers of sarcastic snarks, lashing out at people. This isn’t the way to make friends. I know I should try to express it more positively, and I feel it’s jeopardised my relationship with a few campers because of it.

The other issue is that the staff are generally getting pretty lazy because they’re drinking to excess on their nights off. It’s becoming a joke, and it’s making me distance myself from several because they are no longer helpful as counselors to either the kids or me. That only makes me feel worse. Last night I tried to conduct a campfire that went extremely well last term… but this term I just had people moaning, bitching and whining all over the place. They were rowdy and aggressive, and two campers actually got into a physical fight. Most of the returning staff agree that this has been the worst term they have ever been through because the kids are just so full of the “too cool for camp” attitude.

It’s a shame that I’ve had the bad fortune to be part of it, but I suppose if I can get through this I can get through most things. The challenge is certainly interesting. I just need to try to lighten myself up.

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