How It Flies

It’s been over a week since I last had the chance to check in. It’s not exactly been a really good week, but things are pretty stable round here right now. The problem with this term so far has been the amount of complaining I’ve heard from so many campers. Most of the kids are not fans of doing anything physical… and this is becoming pretty frustrating for the more active ones and the counselors now, that they have to stop every five minutes on a hike because people are dying.

The amount of reading going on is scary. The new Harry Potter book hasn’t helped. Kids all over the place are constantly reading, sometimes at meal times so we have to confiscate the books. Every free moment, even during program, is spent with a book in their hands and reading away. There’s reading for pleasure and there’s reading as a job. These people are experts, but it’s really stopping them from getting the most out of this summer. Our job has been to try to encourage them to take up other things, but it’s pretty difficult. They’re an obstinate bunch.

The other thing is that we have a number of kids who are just pure and simple party poopers. They won’t sing, they won’t dance, they won’t play games… they just want to disconnect. And their parents have spent $4000 to send them here. Scary, I know… but that’s how much summer camp costs. Consequently we’re working with a lot of spoiled rich kids who are used to getting everything their way. This wasn’t a problem first term, but this lot are really stubborn.

I’ve also learned that it’s sometimes really difficult to help out. One kid the other day broke down and started telling everyone about the fact that his home life is really fucked up. Divorce, drugs and the fact that he’s recently been taken from his mum to go live with his stepdad… there’s absolutely nothing we can do. He doesn’t want to go back, but naturally he has to. It’s making things really difficult because everyone wants to help but knows that there’s almost nothing we can apart from help prepare him to stay strong in the face of this adversity.

This term has certainly been very different to the last. And now there’s only 11 days left of it.

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